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The subtitle says it: “Stop the Pain. Rekindle Happiness. Put Purpose Back in Your Life.” Isn’t this what you are looking for? There are certain dynamics that end relationships. There are key strategies to putting your heart back together. Get it all in one place. Buy the book.Learn More
You’re going through a divorce or significant breakup. You hurt. You’re confused. You want to feel better, faster. Being in a group with others going through the same thing is the fastest and least painful way to get through your divorce. Hear the perspectives of both men and women and those who want the divorce and those who don’t. Feel better faster.Learn More
Imagine your life on the other side of your divorce. You’ve got work that feeds your soul, an inviting home for friends and family, your finances have stabilized, your emotions have calmed, you even feel happy once in a while. You may not be able to envision a happy ending right now, we will get you there!Learn More

Why Choose Us

  • We know what ends marriages and can help you heal from that loss.
  • Our knowledgeable facilitators are passionate about your well being.
  • Our proven programs will take you systematically from pain to laughter in a few short weeks.
  • Our payment Plans make it affordable for most everyone.
  • Find new friends who are dedicated to your well-being—both now and in the future.

Program Participants Share Their Experience…

This was an incredible experience. Jeannine’s sense of purpose is enlightening. She has such a sense of peace that one can’t help but be engulfed with that sense of well being.
Laurie Oliver, June 2013
I’m not sure you can go through divorce in a healthier, healing, intentional way. It has made a world of difference.
MaryAnne DeWitt, June 2013
The groundlessness of divorce is horrid. It is an ending of the life you’ve known. But this class will save your soul, make you let go of the sadness and hurt that needs help to go, and find a start in a new life. I was so glad to have found this class.
Linda Gutenkunst, June 2013
I came into this class believing that people didn’t care and nothing would help my shattered life. Now I believe in my future more than the past, and know I have the skills to embrace that fully.
Diane Lomonaco, September 2012
I believe that this is not an ending but is also a new beginning. I believe I will be in relationship again and I owe it to my future relationship to be as baggage free as possible.
Rob MacKinnon, September 2012
I very much appreciated hearing the women’s point of view on many topics. That has truly helped me to adjust and learn what needs tweaking for successful relationships. I learned that I am OK and not to believe all the negative criticism.
Juan Perez, September 2012
I love the structure and tools that this class has given me to further my understanding of what happened in my ex-love relationship. I use this new knowledge constantly in all of my relationships and have found so much clarity and value in this.
Liz Wiig, September 2011
Wow! Where do I start? I wanted to learn about me. I did! Things I like about myself. Things I don’t. I learned how to accept some things about myself as ok – accept me for me. I learned that I can change some things about myself for the better. I am free to be me and free to continue to grow!
April Markoff, September 2012