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Divorcing Well

Divorcing well is your first step to a good life after divorce. Learn the options that will best support you and your family.

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Leave or Stay?

Are you in a painful marriage? Should you end it or save it? Divorce may not be your only option.

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Have you wondered why divorce has come to your life? Would you like to get through it with profound dignity and hope? Do you want to turn your emotional chaos into a meaningful future? Of course you do. And it's absolutely doable. Watch the video at the right >>> or read more here

Upheaval to Uplevel Interview Series

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Starts April 27, 2017  

Learn how others have used bankruptcy, child sexual abuse, addiction, divorce, death of a parent, betrayal, moving,

co-dependency, cancer and other life challenges to create new, better, different, more.

Sometimes finding their unique gift and expression in the world. 



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Date:  The first (non-holiday) Thursday of every month 
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Place: 3775 Iris Ave #5   (Upstairs. First door on the right.)
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Beyond Divorce
The Book

Don’t leave your healing to chance. Follow the proven path that will get you out of the pain and into happiness again.


24 Apr
Gratitude and Joy
Gratitude and Joy

One of my favorite things is to wander…to follow that little voice that says “turn...
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I really hold on to your wisdom and words.  They are true and the truth will set me free. I hope you are well going through your next growth step.  We all need each other.  I appreciate the community you have created. ~ M.

Thank you for your support. I am in a very stable relationship and am enjoying life!  Blessings. ~ Brenda A. (via newsletter)

"This was an incredible experience. Jeannine’s sense of purpose is enlightening. She has such a sense of peace that one can’t help but be engulfed with that sense of well being." ~ Laurie Oliver

You guided me through the most difficult period of my life, with insight, knowledge, encouragement, compassion, empathy, sympathy, and love. May I offer all of those to you as a friend who not only survived because of you, but has thrived as well. My heart is with you Jeannine!   ~ Vaughan, a thankful Jeannine alum

You happened to show up in my life at just the EXACT time I needed you with the exact message I needed to – and still need – to hear to get me through THE roughest time I’ve ever had in my life.  It’s getting both challenged and strengthened in this time of grief, loss, separation, redefinition, redirection and rediscovery of who I am, both my Self and my protective parts that can hide Self. To be continued …..right? ~ George