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Healing. Mentoring. Guidance.

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Don’t leave your healing to chance. Take advantage of our step-by-step coaching programs to get you out of pain and back into life!
We meet you right where you are and gently guide you through and beyond your divorce.

Our top-notch programs have provided unprecedented results for nearly a decade.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a proven path to get you through?

There is!

Beyond Divorce provides step-by-step guidance to help you move through the emotional turmoil, learn what went wrong, discover who you are now, and get you started creating your new life.

Group work. Individual help. Books and resources.

Beyond Divorce Recovery and Empowerment

is a professionally developed program based on long-standing research.

It has been refined and polished over time by the feedback of divorcing people just like you, making it the most effective divorce recovery resource available in today’s world.

Can I Save My Relationship?

Can I Save My Relationship?

Are you in a miserable relationship but want to avoid divorce if you can? Difficult relationships make life miserable. Yet, divorcing is a difficult choice with far-reaching consequences. Click here to learn more

I’m in it. Help!

I’m going through a divorce. Help!

Are you caught in the chaos and emotional upheaval of a divorce? When you are overwhelmed with emotion it’s hard to make good choices or be there for your children. Click here to learn more

I’m Divorced. Now What?

I’m Divorced. Now What?

Are you through the painful parts but wondering how to create a life you love? Starting over is hard. Singleness? Purpose? Dating? Where do you begin? Who is this new person staring at you from the mirror? Click here to learn more

Guidance and help for any stage of your divorce. The relief you need delivered in a way that best suits you.

Curriculum-based; not Ex bashingIndividualized attentionWorkshops
Social eventsIn-person, phone, SkypeTele-classes
New friendshipsReduced fees availableMeetup groups
Shared insights and supportMediation; Coaching; MentoringProfessional resources
Free coaching includedCollaborative Divorce FacilitationBooks

Here are some things I can help you with:

  • Determining if you should stay or go

  • Designing and implementing a healing separation

  • A safe outlet to express emotions

  • Creating a game plan

  • Telling the children

  • Staying grounded

  • Finding your most resourceful self

  • Finding an effective yet human attorney

  • Asking bigger questions

  • Understanding what went wrong

  • Understanding the legal and emotional process

  • Building and utilizing a support system

  • Managing stress

  • Understanding your attorney

  • Clearly expressing yourself

  • Preparing for meetings with your Ex, attorney, or court

  • Work through sentiments around your home or other special belongings

  • Dealing with loneliness

  • Learning from your journey

  • Managing your spouse

  • Organizing and chaos management

  • Setting limits and enforcing boundaries

  • Finding financial guidance

  • Telling friends and family

  • Designing your holidays and other important events

  • Is it the right time to date?

  • Gaining insights

  • Future visioning

  • Saying YES to life

Ready to put your divorce behind you and lay claim to your happiness?

We Love our clients and they love us.

Hear what they have to say about our programs below.

I feel a lot better about myself.

I feel a lot better about myself. I learned a lot about myself. Everything is very helpful and very relevant so that when my next relationship comes around I will be a lot more successful. I learned why I was so utterly out of my mind and why we couldn’t get along. The group process helps a lot more than one on one. You learn where you are and most important where you want to be.
– Chris York

It was surprising how quickly I began to look forward to the class. Building community with people who are in a similar place: the ability to meet people who truly understand where you are—as experts in pain. I found a lot of safety in opening up to these people.
Greg H
I was skeptical that a divorce group could help me and I’m happy to say I was proved wrong. I learned so much about myself and my relationship, that knowledge has helped ease the heartache inherent in the divorce process. I’m tremendously grateful to have found Jeannine and this class.
Cher Ferrell
This was an incredible experience. Jeannine’s sense of purpose is enlightening. She has such a sense of peace that one can’t help but be engulfed with that sense of well being.
Laurie Oliver
I was unsure about this, especially opening up to a group of strangers. I am truly happy that I came, and opening up was really helpful. Everyone had a common reason for coming, but such different experiences. It was a great way to learn and grow together and work on the recovery process.
Paul Black
I really enjoyed meeting everyone in the class… Thank you for providing me with this amazing opportunity to find myself again…
Suz Worthing