Coaching For You – 5 Steps to Rebuild

Most people come to me when the pain of the divorce is too much. Seeking help is a really good idea. You will get better faster with the right kinds of support. Up to two years faster in fact. Recovery and Empowerment Coaching uses the 5 Turning Points of divorce recovery to get through the emotional upheaval and chaos, back to happiness, and truly beyond divorce. There are two distinct phases, each has its own requirements and outcomes.

Compassion for Your Torn Heart

I have been a coach for a long time. I’m also divorced, myself. I have great compassion for your torn heart and I will hold space for you as you push through to wholeness.  I’ve been referred to as “the gentlest tough coach” and the “combination of a butterfly and a lioness.”  It’s true. I have been where you are and I understand the importance of gentleness. I also understand how important it is to not give up on yourself. I won’t let you give up on you.

Recovery and Empowerment

The Two Important Phases of Recovery and Empowerment

The first three Steps are for your Recovery, to get you stabilized, to calm your nervous system, help you sleep. After a time you will calm down and be ready for the Empowerment Steps, to recover your self-worth, to move on and create new. Click on each step below for more about each step.

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