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Avoiding Crazy Relationship Behaviors

My Best Solution for Avoiding Crazy Relationship Behaviors

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I hear a lot of relationship stories. Divorce stories. Dating stories. I am continually amazed at the creative misery that people who were once in love with each other can cause the other while going through divorce. It’s kind of the nature of the beast, so the horror stories of divorce don’t surprise me all that much. Shock me, yes. Surprise me? No. There are a lot of crazy relationship behaviors out there.

What does surprise me are the many crazy dating practices I hear […]

A Good Relationship

What makes a good relationship?

Since I work with divorcing people, I am often asked: “What makes a good relationship?” I wonder myself. Don’t you? Any question I am asked I put out to Spirit for an answer. The answers start coming in odd ways, by that I mean, ways I do not expect. The first answers that show up are what ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is) is not. Even though I’d rather just have The Answer, knowing what ‘it’ isn’t does get me closer to knowing what it is.

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Here are […]

Your Divorce is Over-Now What?

When you're in the middle of the chaos of divorce it seems like it will never be done, never get better, never feel normal again. You plug along doing the best you can and then one day it completes. The war is over. The dust is settling, and oh-my-gosh, it's over. You're single again. You may have a renewed interest in life, especially your life, and a big desire to explore your new found freedom. Perhaps your creativity has awakened and you desire to express yourself in new ways, to connect with people and the world around you in a new way. You have a blank sheet of paper and a new box of crayons.