Waiting or Procrastinating?

Are Waiting and Procrastinating the Same?


I love it that so many of you respond to my writings. It’s fun to hear your perspectives. Do keep it up!

In response to my What’s Wrong With Waiting article Brenda wrote, “waiting to me sounds like ‘delaying.'” I understand her point. There is a difference between waiting and procrastinating. So what is it?

My intention in the WWWW article was to show the importance of slowing down and being mindful in our daily lives, to point us toward becoming one with the natural flow of life […]

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Finding Peace and Happiness Again

Finding Peace and Happiness Again

Peace and happiness

Are you still off-kilter since your divorce and feeling anything but peace and happiness? Don’t give up. There’s little that is worse than being in misery and having no hope of it ever changing! Just keeping peace and happiness in your sites will do a lot to get you through.

I was in the misery for a long time, too. I don’t know if it was really a long time, I guess that’s relative, but it felt like forever. The space between […]

What To Do When Your Ex is Non-Compliant With the Divorce Settlement

When Your Ex is Non-Compliant

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It wasn’t easy, but you made it.  Maybe you had an attorney to help you, maybe you didn’t.  Some how, some way, the day arrived where…you finally got divorced.

What a day that was…bitter sweet perhaps? Usually is.

Maybe divorce was what you wanted, or needed.  Maybe you didn’t want a divorce, but there you were nonetheless.  It doesn’t matter now.  It’s done.  Hopefully, you are moving on to bigger and better times and have no or minimal interaction with your ex.

When you got divorced, […]

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Coping with Grief Reminders

You are probably well aware that your sad feelings don’t automatically end once your divorce completes. Many memories still linger. Many experiences need to be over written. It takes time to move through them. While you’re rewriting your experiences, reminders of what you’ve lost can pop up at the most inopportune times. They can be inopportune when you feel perfectly happy, out with friends, or at busy at work when something triggers a memory and the floodgates of emotion open up again.

grief reminders

Grief Reminders Can Be Anywhere

Even if you are set up […]

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Beyond Divorce Launches!

ANNOUNCING the launch of Beyond Divorce, the latest endeavor of Life by Design. It's been two years coming, I've learned a ton, been frustrated more, been cheered on by friends and colleagues! I am happy to now reveal Beyond Divorce to the public. ***YOU ARE INVITED TO THE LAUNCH PARTY this Saturday evening.*** (So sorry for the late notice; I'm dancing is fast as I can over here)! I will be sharing my vision for life beyond divorce and how we can make it a spectacular life changing event for all of us. (Please find the link on the right to click through for details.) Hope you can come. Please rsvp on the page if you plan to attend as I'm having it catered. Now, about the newsletter... it is about my disappearance and this crazy time of transition with all the emotions and confusion that come along with it. Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I promise I haven’t forgotten you. I'm back now and hope to talk with you more often.