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Can my relationship be saved?

Can my relationship be saved?

Are you in a miserable relationship but want to avoid divorce if you can? Difficult relationships make life miserable. Yet, divorcing is a difficult choice with far-reaching consequences. Would you like to know if your relationship can be saved? Click here

Help! I’m going through a divorce.
Help! I’m going through a divorce.

Are you caught in the chaos and emotional upheaval of a divorce or breakup? When you are overwhelmed it’s hard to keep fear away, make good choices, and be there for your children. To cut years off your recovery time. Click here.

I’m divorced but I’m not happy

I’m divorced but I’m not happy

Are you through the painful parts but still feel stuck? Starting over is hard. Getting to know this new person in the mirror is tricky. Letting go? Singleness? Purpose? Dating? Where do you begin? Your life has been handed lovingly back to you. Want to make it great? Click here.

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Brokenhearted to Openhearted

Thank you so much for the wonderful summit, greatly appreciated!!! I’m listening to the wealth of generous wisdom and hope from all the interviews (POWERFUL)...Blessings and gratitude to you!!!
Helena, Australia
Thank you so much Jeannine. I really enjoyed the interviews and I even recommended your summit to family members. I love what you created.
I found you late in the game so I missed some of the series. I work with separated and divorced Catholics in the Washington DC area as a facilitator in peer group sessions. I am also divorced myself. So the talks are very helpful and inspiring to me. I'm excited about what you have to offer. There is such a great need.


I feel a lot better about myself

I feel a lot better about myself. I learned a lot about myself. Everything is very helpful and very relevant so that when my next relationship comes around I will be a lot more successful. I learned why I was so utterly out of my mind and why we couldn’t get along. You learn where you are and most important where you want to be. – Chris York

“Jeannine does such a good job of helping me to organize and re-evaluate the work I am doing that the greatest teaching occurs between coaching sessions. I am able to walk away from a coaching session propelled forward, no longer feeling stuck in places that I needed help with in moving on. It is a process that she helps me work on at a pace that is doable for me. I do see progress and I feel excited by it. I feel empowered, not overwhelmed by the coaching Jeannine gives to me.”
Donna, USA
“Jeannine started coaching us at a very critical time in our marriage. We had been spiraling down a negative path for a long time and needed someone else to look at what we were doing and give us tools to change. Jeannine is a real positive coach, having us look at our differences as a good thing, building a whole new marriage on what we have instead of [make believe] dreams, giving us ‘exercises’ to put in practice and experience what we learned. When we felt a week of back sliding, she would say, ‘but I see your baby steps and see you moving forward.’ We especially appreciate Jeannine’s insight and God given discernment of her coaching. We look forward to our weekly meeting with her.”
Jim and Peggy, Struggling Couple