07 Jul


Upleveling For years, up until just a few months ago actually, I was convinced that divorce was a tragedy that I had to both survive and recover from to
22 Jun

The Wake Up Call

My Wake Up Call? I’ve been meaning to write you…. but my brain isn’t working right. I was in a car accident last week coming home from teaching divorce
08 Jul

Lost Dreams—New Identity

The following is an article I started nearly three years ago. I went poking around in old files today, to find something you might resonate with and found it. I had no idea that three years ago I was writing it to myself—today. Holy Hanna how does that happen? To...
02 Mar

To Dream or Not to Dream

I gain a lot of personal insights as I write this newsletter. What I’ve recently learned has allowed me to put the whip down and let myself just BE a little bit instead of always DOing. I feel just a little slothful but ultimately it’s like a...