12 Aug

A Good Relationship

What makes a good relationship? Since I work with divorcing people, I am often asked: “What makes a good relationship?” I wonder myself. Don’t you? Any question I am asked
17 Oct

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart Commencement address by Steve Jobs Years ago, I read a transcript of a Commencement address given by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computers, to Stanford University. He’s
08 Jul

Lost Dreams—New Identity

The following is an article I started nearly three years ago. I went poking around in old files today, to find something you might resonate with and found it. I had no idea that three years ago I was writing it to myself—today. Holy Hanna how does that happen? To...
02 Mar

To Dream or Not to Dream

I gain a lot of personal insights as I write this newsletter. What I’ve recently learned has allowed me to put the whip down and let myself just BE a little bit instead of always DOing. I feel just a little slothful but ultimately it’s like a...
05 Jan

A New Year

There it stands. Gleaming. Mysterious. The doorway to 2011. On the other side of the door your life in 2011, awaits. On the other side of the door your future self, You in 2011, is waiting to greet you. You approach the door...