27 Jan

6 Tips for Reducing Criticism

Relationship Destroying Behaviors: Criticism Most divorcing people I’ve talked with dream of having a good relationship one day. A relationship that is playful, honoring, companionable, intimate, safe, and offers
12 Aug

A Good Relationship

What makes a good relationship? Since I work with divorcing people, I am often asked: “What makes a good relationship?” I wonder myself. Don’t you? Any question I am asked
06 May

Business or Romance

Have you ever had relationship difficulties? I think everyone has. My relationship difficulties seem to be more about business than romance these days. I’m not sure if it’s because
29 Apr

Vision, Promise, and Commitment

Culturally we are losing sight of the power of promise and commitment. Instead of stepping up and into it we are watering it down to our own wishy washy self-serving level. Promise and commitment have the power to transform both our life and our relationships… but they will require...
11 Jan

The Fourteen Dating Traps

By David Steele (reprinted with permission.) A “dating trap” is an unconscious relationship choice that results in an unsolvable problem in a relationship. Getting out of the trap often means