29 Nov

Living in Gratitude

Life is such a mixed bag. As Forrest Gump’s mother would say, “You never know what you’re going to get.” Life provides endless opportunities to choose, so much so, that I believe that choosing is truly what life is about. We make some of our choices with influence from...
30 Sep

The Hurdles of Life

Think of all we could accomplish if we didn't encounter obstacles in the pursuit of our dreams. We humans are creative -- gifted in so many ways -- to the benefit of self, benefit of others, benefit of the planet. And yet, in direct opposition to those gifts are...
29 Aug

Divorce for the Highly Sensitive Person

All of us have a degree of sensitivity. It is part of what makes us human. We ‘feel’ the world around us. It’s just that some of us feel it more than others. To some the world is fun and exciting. To others it is just prickly and loud. I...
18 Oct

Installing Love

I have no idea where this originated. Someone sent it to me via email. If you wrote it and want credit, let me know. Sometimes we aren’t aware of
16 Mar

A Life of Purpose

Are You Living a Life of Purpose? I talk with a lot of  people  in all stages of divorce. I am often asked, “How can you continually work with those
14 Aug

The Inner Parent

We humans have a whole team of parts, voices, possible ways of being available to us. Awareness of those possibilities is key to choosing appropriate behavior for a given situation. Who gets to be in charge?...