07 Jul


Upleveling For years, up until just a few months ago actually, I was convinced that divorce was a tragedy that I had to both survive and recover from to
23 May

10 Things We Still Don’t Know After Divorce

Susan attended my divorce recovery class 5 years ago. She contacted me again recently because her Ex was getting re-married. A flood of new, and unexpected, emotions had surfaced. “Many of the issues I though that I'd resolved now have to be resolved at a new and different...
29 Nov

Living in Gratitude

Life is such a mixed bag. As Forrest Gump’s mother would say, “You never know what you’re going to get.” Life provides endless opportunities to choose, so much so, that I believe that choosing is truly what life is about. We make some of our choices with influence from...
25 Jul

Feeling the Feelings

I've recently been challenged with yet another growth step. As with all growth steps it's confusing and uncomfortable... sometimes downright disconcerting as I try to reconfigure my beliefs. What do I believe, now? I am endeavoring to reincorporate some lost, or banished, parts of myself from...
06 Jul

Reassembling Life

When it comes to writing this newsletter I pay close attention to what is going on in my own life to see if it might be useful to you. "Is there a message here?" Right now I'm in the emotion, the loss, the confusion, the numbness of...
25 May

The Power of Choice

When it comes to getting through divorce or other significant life transition the ability to choose is your greatest asset.  It may seem like you've been handed one lone outcome.  It may seem as though you have no choices, but with a little exploration you can discover the fork...