07 Apr

Life by Design, Not by Default

There is a lot going on in the world right now. Every conversation I have, or even overhear, people are asking big questions. What is real? What now? When will things get back to 'normal'? What do I need to do? Will I...
02 Mar

To Dream or Not to Dream

I gain a lot of personal insights as I write this newsletter. What I’ve recently learned has allowed me to put the whip down and let myself just BE a little bit instead of always DOing. I feel just a little slothful but ultimately it’s like a...
25 Jan


Abiding At first I thought my theme was “BEing, not DOing in 2011.”  That’s pretty useful in and of itself.  I know that themes work because they are about
01 Nov

Creating Space

Life on the Learning Curve Is your life full of busy-ness? Some days I feel like I’m drowning in busy-ness. I’m not the only one. I find it hard to
14 Aug

The Inner Parent

We humans have a whole team of parts, voices, possible ways of being available to us. Awareness of those possibilities is key to choosing appropriate behavior for a given situation. Who gets to be in charge?...