22 Jun

The Wake Up Call

My Wake Up Call? I’ve been meaning to write you…. but my brain isn’t working right. I was in a car accident last week coming home from teaching divorce
17 Oct

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart Commencement address by Steve Jobs Years ago, I read a transcript of a Commencement address given by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computers, to Stanford University. He’s
08 Jul

Lost Dreams—New Identity

The following is an article I started nearly three years ago. I went poking around in old files today, to find something you might resonate with and found it. I had no idea that three years ago I was writing it to myself—today. Holy Hanna how does that happen? To...
28 Sep

How to Avoid Getting Triggered

Life is so metaphoric, I just love it. Most everything is a symbol for something else, here to teach us when viewed with open eyes. I’ve picked up my workouts again after some time off for injuries. I’m enjoying the heck out of a couple of weight lifting classes...
23 May

10 Things We Still Don’t Know After Divorce

Susan attended my divorce recovery class 5 years ago. She contacted me again recently because her Ex was getting re-married. A flood of new, and unexpected, emotions had surfaced. “Many of the issues I though that I'd resolved now have to be resolved at a new and different...