25 May

The Power of Choice

When it comes to getting through divorce or other significant life transition the ability to choose is your greatest asset.  It may seem like you've been handed one lone outcome.  It may seem as though you have no choices, but with a little exploration you can discover the fork...
29 Apr

Vision, Promise, and Commitment

Culturally we are losing sight of the power of promise and commitment. Instead of stepping up and into it we are watering it down to our own wishy washy self-serving level. Promise and commitment have the power to transform both our life and our relationships… but they will require...
08 Jan

Living Well in 2010

This post is reprinted in gratitude and thanks to John Lange, a recent graduate of our Divorce Recovery seminar.  Divorce is amazingly hard.  Coming out the other side is rejuvenating,
16 Mar

A Life of Purpose

Are You Living a Life of Purpose? I talk with a lot of  people  in all stages of divorce. I am often asked, “How can you continually work with those
14 Aug

The Inner Parent

We humans have a whole team of parts, voices, possible ways of being available to us. Awareness of those possibilities is key to choosing appropriate behavior for a given situation. Who gets to be in charge?...