Dream Your Theme - Coming in January!

It’s a new year. Time for a reset. New beginnings, new goals.  What if Divine Guidance led your way?

Over a decade ago, while in a dark tunnel and navigating a personal hell, I was shown (call it a vision) a new version of me arriving on the scene for the new year. She arrived in a sleigh carrying a briefcase, wearing heels and a red dress, which was far different attire than my usual jeans and boots. The vision was great as far as it went but it was vague. I wanted more clarity. I was fortunate enough (and perhaps led) to develop a way to tune into the nuances—like tuning into a radio signal, which I’ve followed every year since. Seven years ago I started leading others in my discovered way. Some attendees have come every year so I’m always making the auxiliary exercises refreshing and new.

How Do You Start Your New Year?

  • Some people set intentions (empty).
  • Some choose a word (random).
  • Some make resolutions (a set up for failure).
  • Some are hung over (huh?).
  • Some think it is just another day (yawn).

What if, with intuitive guidance you tapped into the red thread that runs through the whole of your life to find where you are in your personal tapestry?  A Theme is none of those things I just listed. It is an energy that runs through your life like a current. When you know what it is, it becomes a baseline guide for your decisions and actions ahead.

The Dream Your Theme Playshop Coming in January

  • Date: Saturday, January 09, 2021
  • Provided: All materials, syllabus, and a pot of gluten free, dairy free soup.
  • Time: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Where: Longmont, CO area. Exact location provided to registered participants.
  • Bring: Something to contribute for lunch, a water bottle, something to write with. Payment if you’re paying at the door. Magazines related to your unique interests that you are willing to cut up.

The dark days of winter are a great time for introspection. In the natural world deep winter is the time plants rest, deepen their roots, and store energy for the coming year. At the new year we turn a corner from yin to yang, from rest to action. Our timing is perfect to ride that wave.

Your inner wisdom knows what is next for you. Let’s find it.



  • $49 through Jan 6.
  • I need to know no later than Jan 6 to be sure I have enough of everything for you.
  • Price at the door will be $60.
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Theme, Resolution or Intention? Which is for you?

Many people feel they need New Year’s Resolutions in order to make important changes. Resolutions are hard-handed, often punitive, and rarely work long term. There is a danger that they become just another thing to beat yourself up over.

Intentions are fine as far as they go, but there’s no power in them. You’re still basically left to your own will to see that they’re done.

A theme on the other hand is different. A theme is an intuitive message that is dropped into your soul (after a bit of preparation so you can hear it). It is guided by that All That Is that knows more than we do. In that, it has power behind it. You have an accomplice.

  • Your Theme is the red thread that runs through the fabric of your life, sometimes on top, sometimes woven underneath.
  • The Dream Your Theme Process takes you through guided meditations and powerful exercises which help you separate the genuine from the counterfeit, or you could also say separates the Spirit-led from what we think our theme ought to be, or even what we want it to be.
  • Once you have your theme, it will be your guide and champion throughout the year, an anchor guiding your actions and decisions, and even offering some comfort that things are going according to plan when you don’t understand events in your life.

I know many of you are out of my local area but if you’re interested in an online version, drop me an email and let me know. If there are enough of you we’ll put it together. Probably January 18 but that’s flexible. I don’t like to get too far into the year though. We don’t want the year to take off without us.

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