Understanding Your Needs Is First

Sometimes we just can’t work out the tricky areas of our their lives on our own.  The topics are too personal and emotions too deep. Everyone wants, and needs, things that make us feel whole, comfortable, respected and safe. You want those things. The people with whom you are in relationship also want those things. We may want them so badly we fight to get them. But what if both of you could have your needs met?

Heart Mediation keeps your heart in mind as we work through opposing perspectives. Once you understand each other’s needs it’s much easier to come up with a solution that works for both of you. When we stay in conversation, solutions naturally arise. They just do.

Heart Mediation creates a safe container to discover and express your needs.  I will help you express, clarify meanings, keep things on a positive note, help you understand each other’s perspectives and teac you how to work with each others nervous systems to bring about the best possible results for everyone involved.

heart mediation

I Am Not Your Usual Mediator

Yes, I will help you come to agreements like every other mediator, but my approach is a little different.  My background as a Relationship Systems Coach provides the possibility for unusually creative results.  I call my process Heart Mediation.

The truth is, if you could solve this you already would have. Having a third party, especially a skilled third party (yes, I am one of those) can make all the difference. Without help, conflicts tend to digress until any hope of solution is lost forever. We don’t want that. You’re reading this because you value the relationship and/or value a peaceful solution so things can settle down.

Heart Mediation helps you communicate why you want what you want in a way has you want to meet each other’s needs.

Jeannine, thank you again for the space you hold. It has been invaluable to have you present during this time and helping us navigate a huge part of our lives.

Heart Mediation:

  • Allows the time and space you need to explore the far reaching implications of your decisions.
  • Gives place and grace to discover and express why you want what you want.
  • Honors all viewpoints, which allows a solution to arise naturally and organically, becoming obvious to all.
  • Uses a needs-based approach. We are not as concerned about dividing things 50/50 as we are meeting everyone’s needs going forward. This can take many forms.
  • Allows ample time to brainstorm and weigh many options. Not every option arises quickly. Not every option is viable.
  • Encourages you to take the time you need for your insides to rearrange just like your outer world needs time to make adjustments.

Your next step:

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