A Tool for Conscious Conversations

Having a meaningful, conscious conversation seems like the easiest thing in the world until you’re not getting along, don’t feel heard, or are afraid to speak up because the other person might leave or yell or cry. Most of us avoid heated conversations because we don’t know how bad they will get or if we will be able to handle the depth of it.

This Intercommunication guide is a step-by-step guide to conscious conversations. It is specifically designed to keep things calm, focused and honest. The very first item asks the bringer to rate the issue. The other then agrees to take the issue as seriously as you do. If it’s a 10 for you then it is agreed that your partner will also view it as a 10, even if it isn’t that urgent to him or her. That step alone is vital. Nobody likes their concerns being dismissed as insignificant. The other steps are designed just as strategically.

How it Works

Most of us don’t realize that working through conflict/disagreements in a healthy way follows the exact path that this Guide leads you through. An event happens, which leads to an interpretation or story about the event, which triggers thoughts, feelings and behaviors—all in about 2 seconds before we are even aware of it. The Intercommunication Guides leads you through this process step-by-step with strategic prompts and examples.

See the screen shot of the first part of the tool, below. It will  give you an idea of it.

A positive communication experience is just a few easy steps away.

  • Want your partner to take your concerns as seriously as you do?
  • Need help expressing your thoughts and feelings?
  • Want to give or receive an apology or amends?
  • Want to know your partner gets it so s/he won’t do it again?
  • Want your conversation to stay on point?

This tool guides you through all the steps you need to have a calm, heart-centered, clearing conversation that stays on track, out of blame and attack, and leaves you both feeling deeply heard.

Conscious conversations
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