Is Today Your Someday?

Is Today Your Someday?


Things are changing so rapidly around me, around all of us, that it’s darn hard to keep up sometimes. As my own “house” upheaval is completing and I can think clearly again I’m realizing the bigger purpose in all the upset. Again. My someday has come.

Pruning the Dead and Lifeless

Upheavals prune us. Any gardener or arborist knows that in order for a plant to fruit well the dead branches, the crossed and broken branches, must be pruned away. The plant can’t bring the dead to life any more than […]

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Do’s and Don’ts for the Holidays

Being You During the Holidays


I don’t know about you but I have had a love/hate relationship with the holidays. On the one hand I have a lot of happy memories and very much enjoy the family gatherings, but on the other hand the holidays can be a (sometimes)painful reminder of all that has changed. I’m single, my kids are grown, my youngest grandkids don’t live in the same state, my father is gone, my mother sold their home and moved into retirement living. The holidays don’t look much like they once did. Life moves […]

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3 Phases of an Upheaval


The 3 Phases of an Upheaval

Everything in life has some version of beginning, middle, and end. Upheavals do too. Understanding the 3 phases of an upheaval is helpful so you can know how near you are to relief from the chaotic parts. First, what exactly is an upheaval? We experience many upheavals in life: the ending of a relationship, losing a job and the resulting impact to our financial security, health challenges, children leaving home, natural disasters like fire or flood. We experience upheavals with gains, too. Getting into a relationship, starting a […]

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Embrace Your Upheaval

Embrace, Don’t Resist, Your Upheaval


I’ve come through another one. This time I paid more attention: to the process, to what it required of me, to the fears, to the anger… and also to both the expansiveness and the depth that came on its’ heals. I’m talking of course about another upheaval. This time it was about buying a home. After move #42 I thought I could finally settle down and just BE…but ohhh no, Life had other plans.

Repair the Wounding 

Once I got into my home there were parts of it that gave me […]

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Life is FOR you!

Life is FOR you!

If you’ve been with me for any length of time you know the nature of chaos I have lived with in all of the upheavals in my life. In case you haven’t been around, here’s the short list: I’ve moved 42 times, been in 3 car accidents (two of them car-totaling, and 1 with head injuries), navigated empty nest, lost two lifeline friends, I’ve had two estranged children (reconciled now), lost my father, lost my health (recovered now), divorced twice, didn’t receive my half of […]

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The Metaphor of Moving


I am in the middle of moving again. This is move number 42 as far as I can recall. This is my fifth residence in two years, and my 14th move in the last decade. That’s a lot of moving around.

This one is a little bit different. For starters, when I have moved in the past I didn’t much like it but I just did it. I got it done so I could get back to my life. This time I am virtually intolerant of it. I’m still doing it, because I […]

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Giving Things Away


Giving Things Away

I need your help. Please read on. First my dilemma.

What’s up with “stuff?” I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with stuff lately. All last weekend I processed my late father’s belongings so my 85-year old mother doesn’t have to (and there was A LOT). Then I came home on Monday and started packing my own belongings to move (yes, unbelievably) again. It seems giving things away has become my new hobby. But, for me anyway, it isn’t as easy as it could, or perhaps should, be.

The most interesting thing […]

The Gift of Struggle

Is Struggle a Distraction or a Necessity?

The Gift of Struggle


Struggle makes us strong. I’ve had dreams and goals for a lot of my life. I imagine that’s true of you, too. One of the things I have consistently asked of Spirit is to help me become the person who can create my dreams, which got me to thinking about what is needed to create a life I wanted to live—and it wasn’t what I initially thought.

Things Are Not the Dream

As human beings we need things. Things make us feel happy and safe, […]

Wrap It In Love

Wrap It In Love

wrap it in love

I’ve discovered a new practice for neutralizing life’s jolting incoming missiles. You know the ones I mean, errant thoughts or comments from others that seemingly come from nowhere and before you know it you’re bummed out, angry, flustered, or crying. If you want to neutralize them here’s my secret: wrap it in love.

I like to wrap the harsh/painful thoughts in love in the same way I would wrap something in bacon, or chocolate, to make it more palatable. If this “thing” is going to come into […]

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Using Upheaval for Good

From Upheaval to Uplevel

Upheaval article image

That’s my new slogan:

From Upheaval to Uplevel

as I’m settling into a new way of doing life…

I’m not sure where I got the idea that life was supposed to be a steady incline that got better and better over time, but boy was I misinformed. One of the problems with believing that (other than it simply isn’t true) is that when things didn’t go the way I thought they should, I continually beat myself up. I thought I must be doing something wrong, I’m not smart enough, wealthy […]

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