The Gift of Struggle

Is Struggle a Distraction or a Necessity?

The Gift of Struggle


Struggle makes us strong. I’ve had dreams and goals for a lot of my life. I imagine that’s true of you, too. One of the things I have consistently asked of Spirit is to help me become the person who can create my dreams, which got me to thinking about what is needed to create a life I wanted to live—and it wasn’t what I initially thought.

Things Are Not the Dream

As human beings we need things. Things make us feel happy and safe, […]

The Secret to Finding Yourself

The Secret to Finding Yourself

I’ve known for nearly two decades that I was in turmoil. I’d been in it so long I’d come to think that turmoil is just the way life is. What I didn’t realize is how lost in the weeds I’d been until I recently found myself in a peaceful meadow. Like the noisy refrigerator in the corner of the room, I didn’t really notice the clamoring I have been living with until it turned off. Are you interested in finding yourself, too?

After so long, I’d gotten used […]

Listen to Your Heart

Is It Time to Listen To Your Heart?


Have you noticed how quickly life moves these days? Is it just because I’m older, or maybe busier? I’ve heard that life is like a roll of toilet paper (going faster at the end) but I’m a little shocked that it goes this fast. Time to hang on tight cuz things are moving.

In a lot of ways speedy movement is good news. Just like they say about Colorado weather. If you don’t like it this 5 minutes, wait a few and it will be entirely […]

Have You Lost Love?

Blue fractal heart

Have You Lost Love?

That’s kind of a silly question isn’t it? If we are older than about one day, we have lost love of some kind. Or at least it feels that way.

If you feel like you’ve lost love, and want it back, this article is for you.

Although I would have pushed back on anyone who tried to tell me this in the past, I have come to know that we cannot lose love. Why?

Love lives in us, not outside us.

Life events, upbringing, along with evidence we’ve gathered to the […]

Ask for Help

Looking for help? The Best Way You Can is “Ask for Help”

A recent graduate of our Divorce Recovery and Empowerment program, recently sent me an article.  Even though it was about job hunting, it was so closely tied to the topic we’d just talked about in divorce class he wanted to share.

The article encourages us to ask for what we want, which most of us are horrible at it. We have so many obvious needs when going through a divorce and yet we hesitate to ask others for help. How silly. But when we swallow […]

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What in the World is a CFI? Part II

By guest author, Kathryn Bright

Using a combination of intuition and training, the CFI will write their observations in a report which is filed with the court and provided to the parents and their attorneys. The report will contain recommendations concerning parental responsibilities, how major decisions will be made for the children once the divorce is final, where the children’s primary residence will be, and how much regular parenting time both parents will spend with the children.  The CFI might also recommend individual therapy for the children or parents; family therapy; substance abuse monitoring; and/or parenting classes.  In some situations where […]

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What in the World is a CFI? Part I

By guest author, Kathryn Bright

What in the world is a CFI?  To someone in the throes of divorce, a CFI — Child and Family Investigation — might seem more like a CSI – Crime Scene Investigation.  Why ever would you want to subject yourself to having some stranger probe into your parenting style and your personality at your lowest point in recent history?  Interrogate your friends, family, even your therapist?  Interview your children?  Then write a report for lawyers, the judge, and worst of all, your former partner to read?!

For your kids’ sake, that’s why.  Because you love your children […]

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