The Gift of Struggle

Is Struggle a Distraction or a Necessity?

The Gift of Struggle


Struggle makes us strong. I’ve had dreams and goals for a lot of my life. I imagine that’s true of you, too. One of the things I have consistently asked of Spirit is to help me become the person who can create my dreams, which got me to thinking about what is needed to create a life I wanted to live—and it wasn’t what I initially thought.

Things Are Not the Dream

As human beings we need things. Things make us feel happy and safe, […]

A Life You Love

A Life You Love

Play, Relax Breathe


Dreaming A Life You Love

How much time do you spend thinking about what it will mean to have a life you love? For me, it’s been hard to think about having a more fulfilling life when I don’t think it can become a reality, but as I’ve allowed myself to dream more these days I sense the energy changing. Doors are opening.

Is it time for you to dream again?

A good practice is to spend time each day thinking about what you would like your life […]

The Upside of Emotional Crashes

The Upside of Emotional Crashes

The Upside of Emotional Crashes

I’ve lived a helluva life. In a little over a decade I’ve moved at least a dozen times, been in two car-totaling crashes, and been through two divorces. Those are the things I can quantify. The list doesn’t include financial crashes, computer crashes and emotional crashes. I’ve wondered what I’m missing that I require these hard lessons over and over. Is it just a string of bad luck? Did I sign up for this in some way? Is this just the way […]

Three Tools for Change

Three Tools for Change

Tools For Change

When it is time to “uplevel” I recognize that I need a lot of support—a team if you will. My team is one of my tools for change. I seek body workers, certain types of therapists/coaches, healers, spiritual guides and the counsel of wise friends. I’m not sure what a caterpillar feels like when it knows it’s time to molt/transform, but I imagine it’s similar to what I feel in an “upleveling.” The caterpillar stores energy, builds the cocoon within which the transformation […]



The Next Level

For years, up until just a few months ago actually, I was convinced that divorce was a tragedy that I had to both survive and recover from to get on with my “normal” life. Now I realize divorce is an opportunity to, what I call, “uplevel.” I see divorce more like a rung on a ladder on the way to who and what I am becoming.

I’ve done a ton of both personal and professional work around recovering from divorce, I’ve shared my journey, my fears, my tears, my […]

5 Keys for Letting Go

5 Keys for Letting Go

Letting go

Letting go of the memories of your divorce is imperative if you want to create a happier life going forward and yet, we so often feel stuck, tied to a useless past. Even if we want to let go then there are strong ties that keep us bound—to the past, to the Ex, to the family and life that once was. Our memories seem to tie us energetically to a past that no longer exists. What’s up with that? Why is it so hard to snip those […]

Easter as Metaphor for Your New Life

Easter as Metaphor

Newness of Life

Spring in the natural world, which is often heralded by the Easter and Passover holidays, is an awakening. Plants long dormant wake from their slumber as they are touched by the sun’s gentle, warming rays. They yawn, stretch, shake off the weight of winter and immediately get about flashing their beauty and producing fruit.

We, too, have our seasons—periods of dormancy and growth. Our personal seasons may or may not coincide with the seasons of nature, but however they come they are a great metaphor for understanding […]

Dream Your Theme 2015

What does 2015 Hold?

what does 2015 hold

This is such an important time of year. A scheduled transition. One year closing out. Another year waiting in the wings… for you and me to pay attention. Peeking from behind the folds of the velvet curtain it asks, “Is it time?” It is time. What does 2015 hold?

If 2015 were sitting across the table at a tea parlor what wisdom would it have for you? Wouldn’t you like to know? What does 2015 hold?

Wouldn’t You Like To Know?

For most of […]

10 Tips for Living Life in Color

Live YOUR Life in Color


10 Tips for Living Life in Color

The Great Transformation

Living Life in Color is the move from life as it once was, the move from the tedious day-to-day routines and/or the out of control roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs—to the challenging yet fulfilling way of life known as personal growth and fulfillment.

Making the transition requires a change of focus—a leap from a dingy world of black, white, and gray into the unknown bright, 3-D, world of pulsating color. Whoa. How do […]

A Good Relationship

What makes a good relationship?

Since I work with divorcing people, I am often asked: “What makes a good relationship?” I wonder myself. Don’t you? Any question I am asked I put out to Spirit for an answer. The answers start coming in odd ways, by that I mean, ways I do not expect. The first answers that show up are what ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is) is not. Even though I’d rather just have The Answer, knowing what ‘it’ isn’t does get me closer to knowing what it is.

good relationship

Here are […]