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/During Divorce

Divorce is hard. There’s only so much you can take before you’re at the end of your rope. We aren’t wired to get through divorce alone.

Have You Lost Love?

Blue fractal heart

Have You Lost Love?

That’s kind of a silly question isn’t it? If we are older than about one day, we have lost love of some kind. Or at least it feels that way.

If you feel like you’ve lost love, and want it back, this article is for you.

Although I would have pushed back on anyone who tried to tell me this in the past, I have come to know that we cannot lose love. Why?

Love lives in us, not outside us.

Life events, upbringing, along with evidence we’ve gathered to the […]

Failure of a Collaborative Divorce Case

I just witnessed the failure of a collaborative divorce case for the first time. It is disheartening. They will now be going to court with their own lawyer.

6 Components of Your Emotional Divorce Support System

Mapping Your Divorce Support Resources

divorce support system
Ending a relationship without a solid emotional divorce support net in place is quite daunting. You will be required to make some of the most important decisions of your life—decisions that impact your future, your family and your finances. When someone close to us dies there are also many decisions to be made, but friends and family tend to gather around to help. So often in divorce we’re left to ourselves even though we need just as much support, maybe more.

If you don’t yet […]

6 Proven Strategies for Self Care During Divorce

Radical Self Care During Divorce

self care through divorce

How are you feeling after the new year? Is it starting out the way you hoped? If you’re going through a divorce, and January is a prime time for it, you may need some self-care during your divorce. They’re good tips at any time, but especially necessary now.

I just saw a little magazine clip that says “Be sweet to yourself.” One of the things most of us are really bad at, whether we’re divorcing or not, is taking care […]

The Collaborative Way to Divorce

The Collaborative Team

Coaching Collaborative Divorce

Like most things, when it comes to divorce, there are better and worse ways to go about it. I like to tell people that the best way to have a good life after divorce is to divorce well. Most people need help doing this.

If you’d been able to communicate well during your marriage you likely wouldn’t be divorcing now. Making difficult life-changing decisions while feeling broken and confused is a recipe for disaster. So what do you do? I believe it takes a team […]

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Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

I gave up on New Year’s resolutions over a decade ago. I haven’t missed them one whit. You might want to ditch New Year’s Resolutions, too. I’ve found New Year’s resolutions a set up for failure, confining, exhausting, and guilt inducing, while offering too little motivation. Any chance of keeping them requires a strong will rather than a drawing forth from the heart, which is where genuine motivation comes from.

A Carrot or a Whip?

We humans are inspired to action either […]

Difference Between Men and Women During Divorce

Jeannine was recently interviewed by Dave Taylor, blogger extraordinaire. One of the questions he asked was:

Q: Do men and women go through a different process of separation, grief and coming to terms with a divorce?

It is my experience that behavior creates the differences more than gender does. Certain behaviors have a tendency to follow gender lines more than others, but it is the behavior which creates the differences, not the gender itself.

Men are often more reluctant to give up, ask for help, show vulnerability. So far as that is true, it is harder for […]