The High Price of Not Living Authentically

Living Authentically

Living Authentically


Living authentically. What exactly does that mean? How do we do it? Where do we sell ourselves short?

There are hundreds of ways we avoid living authentically. Every time we want to say no, but instead say yes we are not living authentically. When we promise (ourselves) to go to the gym but then do not, we’re not living authentically either. Or how about agreeing to go to that Italian restaurant even though we don’t like Italian food. Yes. There are many, many ways we don’t live authentically. How about for you? […]

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A Life You Love

A Life You Love

Play, Relax Breathe


Dreaming A Life You Love

How much time do you spend thinking about what it will mean to have a life you love? For me, it’s been hard to think about having a more fulfilling life when I don’t think it can become a reality, but as I’ve allowed myself to dream more these days I sense the energy changing. Doors are opening.

Is it time for you to dream again?

A good practice is to spend time each day thinking about what you would like your life […]

What’s Wrong With Waiting?

What’s Wrong With Waiting?

What's Wrong With Waiting_

There’s nothing like a car crash with a head injury to force a change in habits. I’ve had to slow down—a lot.  I didn’t realize the speed at which I lived life until I slowed it down a few notches.  It’s been different, but certainly not a bad thing.

My motto has become WWWW. Like WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?). Or www (world-wide-web) My motto is What’s Wrong With Waiting? I think I’ll start a movement. What’s Wrong With Waiting?  = WWWW

In the past I […]

The Upside of Emotional Crashes

The Upside of Emotional Crashes

The Upside of Emotional Crashes

I’ve lived a helluva life. In a little over a decade I’ve moved at least a dozen times, been in two car-totaling crashes, and been through two divorces. Those are the things I can quantify. The list doesn’t include financial crashes, computer crashes and emotional crashes. I’ve wondered what I’m missing that I require these hard lessons over and over. Is it just a string of bad luck? Did I sign up for this in some way? Is this just the way […]

Three Tools for Change

Three Tools for Change

Tools For Change

When it is time to “uplevel” I recognize that I need a lot of support—a team if you will. My team is one of my tools for change. I seek body workers, certain types of therapists/coaches, healers, spiritual guides and the counsel of wise friends. I’m not sure what a caterpillar feels like when it knows it’s time to molt/transform, but I imagine it’s similar to what I feel in an “upleveling.” The caterpillar stores energy, builds the cocoon within which the transformation […]



The Next Level

For years, up until just a few months ago actually, I was convinced that divorce was a tragedy that I had to both survive and recover from to get on with my “normal” life. Now I realize divorce is an opportunity to, what I call, “uplevel.” I see divorce more like a rung on a ladder on the way to who and what I am becoming.

I’ve done a ton of both personal and professional work around recovering from divorce, I’ve shared my journey, my fears, my tears, my […]

Dream Your Theme 2015

What does 2015 Hold?

what does 2015 hold

This is such an important time of year. A scheduled transition. One year closing out. Another year waiting in the wings… for you and me to pay attention. Peeking from behind the folds of the velvet curtain it asks, “Is it time?” It is time. What does 2015 hold?

If 2015 were sitting across the table at a tea parlor what wisdom would it have for you? Wouldn’t you like to know? What does 2015 hold?

Wouldn’t You Like To Know?

For most of […]

Divorce and the Empty Nest

Divorce is hard, yes?

Ask anyone who has been through it. It’s harder for some than others. I have observed divorce being most difficult for people in two specific life circumstances. One is the empty nest.

empty nest

The Empty Nest

The feelings of abandonment and utter uselessness are exasperated when divorce and empty nest happen at the same time. It can be especially difficult if you were a stay-at-home parent who dedicated your life to rearing the children—one day your life was filled with purpose, and then it wasn’t. I’ve heard this referred […]

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A New Year – Make it Great!

A New Year. Make it the way You Want it!

It’s a new start. A clean slate. A blank sheet of paper and a new box of crayons. What could be more fun… and inspirational? We’re coming out of the depth of winter’s shortest days and entering the hopefulness of the longer days of summer. We’re turning the corner from yin to yang. From rest to action. It’s a good time to ride the wave.IMG_8227

The beginning of the year, like the dawning of a new day, is filled with possibilities. Today’s […]

Lost Dreams—New Identity

The following is an article I started nearly three years ago. I went poking around in old files today, to find something you might resonate with and found it. I had no idea that three years ago I was writing it to myself—today. Holy Hanna how does that happen? To understand how this applies to me, I’ll let you know that I just finished my book… well mostly. Some tweaking still required but for the most part it is done—It took nearly five years. As soon as I sent it off for interior design, my life fell apart. Or more like, my identity fell apart. It was as if I’d poured all of me into that project and once it was off my plate my identity was just… well… gone. Who the heck am I? I didn’t like myself. I didn’t like my work. I didn’t like my life. To understand how this applies to you, I’ll let you know that I see similar things happen to and for those who dream of being out of their marriage, and into something new and better, or at least different. Perhaps it is the end of the dream that causes the letdown. Perhaps you can relate to a lost identity.