A New Year is Just Around the Corner

Dream Your Theme

Do wonder what your next year will bring?

Who will you be in 2017?

What hope will this new, bigger version of you bring?

What might it require of you?

How will it support you?

This information is available to you. Let’s go after it!

Discover the purposeful thread that will

run through your next year for guidance and support.

Dream Your Theme

Years ago I came up with a step-by-step process for finding my own theme. It came to me quite by accident, when I “saw” (sort of a vision I guess) a new version of me in a classy red dress and shiny black heels carrying a briefcase step out of a sleigh. Doesn’t seem like a big deal unless you realize I was strictly a blue jeans and hiking boot kinda gal at that time. I instinctively knew that a new version of me was arriving on the scene, ready or not.

Available To You Too

A new, larger, more authentic part of me continues to show up every year. Sometimes I instinctively know her. Sometimes I need to get to know her better, so I’ve developed a process to discover the kind of energy/expectation/gifts are arriving on the scene. You can get to know this next version of yourself, too. I’ve been hosting my the Dream Your Theme playshop for nearly 10 years now. People are always delightfully surprised at what shows up. It’s nearly always different than they expected. We don’t make it up, and we don’t guess. It’s a lot like the opening of a flower. We peel back layers and the blossom unfolds.

I still remember the meditation exercise we did. I don’t necessarily remember all of the details, but I loved that one!!! I’d participated in some similar, but yours was much better and has ‘stuck with me’. I want to BE that person I met on that journey!!” ~ Shannon

It’s right there waiting to be discovered. Your wisest self knows. A shortcoaching session is included to help clarify and ground you in your theme for the year. This opportunity only comes around once a year! Don’t miss it!

Details for Dream Your Theme

  • When: January 7, 2017
  • Time: 10:00 a.m. to approximately 3:00 p.m. (hour for lunch)
  • Where: Longmont, exact location given to registrars
  • Provided: Materials and a pot of gluten free, dairy free soup
  • How much: See registration table below.
    There are considerable discounts when you take advantage of the early bird registration.
  • Bring:
    • Registration payment if you haven’t paid online
    • Magazines that are important to you (I also have magazines so don’t worry if you don’t have any)
    • Snacks if you have special needs


You will receive more details about the workshop after you register.

Please choose your payment option below.

1. PayPal or Credit Card
Early Bird Price ends December 30, 2016 at midnight: $49.00
$25.00 non-refundable

Buddy Pass: 2 for $74.00
Buddy pass discount ends December 30, 2016 at midnight:
$35.00 non-refundable

After December 31 the price goes up:

Contact Jeannine with questions.
2. Mail or Check Options
Send checks to the address below. Must be received by December 30, 2016 to receive the discount rates.
Life By Design, 946 Venice St, Longmont CO 80501