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Should We Reconcile?


Reconciling Before or After Divorce?

Most of this book explores the possibilities of reconciling before you’ve divorced. A lot of the inquiries will also apply to the possibility of reconciling after divorce. Whether before or after, this examination assumes that you have unworkable dynamics in your relationship, have had a period of emotional and perhaps physical separation, and are asking the question, Should We Reconcile?

Perhaps you are in the first phase of living with unworkable dynamics, or you’ve gone the extra step of living separately because you don’t know what else to do and you don’t want to think about divorce just yet. Maybe you are in the second phase—you left the relationship because you couldn’t live within it, but still feel a tinge of hope and are wondering if it’s founded or folly. Ultimately you are your best counsel, but this little book can help you decide if reconciling is worth your effort.

Also Available:  Should we reconcile? eBook    Should we reconcile? eBook   Should we reconcile? eBook

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Reconciling Before or After Divorce?

Also Available:  Should we reconcile? eBook    Should we reconcile? eBook   Should we reconcile? eBook

It is common for people to struggle with the decision to let go of their relationship. Many factors come into play when making such a choice: Will s/he come back? Can we change things? Will s/he leave again? What about the kids? If we stay together will we be just as miserable? What about all the years we’ve invested? What will people say?

Let me speak to the last point, first. Working with someone who understands system dynamics is important. (A system is comprised of two or more people such as a project team at work, a music band, a sports team, a family, or a couple.) Systems have specific ways of operating together, much of which must be negotiated. Someone who is trained to work with systems can help you understand how they work, the unique dynamics in your relationship system, and help you discover and implement more workable solutions.
Marital therapy was once the only professional solution for struggling couples. The advent of relationship systems work, as it applies to couples, may be in direct response to the poor success rate of marital therapy. This poor success rate is due in part to the state of the patient, i.e. the relationship, when it arrives at help’s door. Often it is too late.


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