Has Your Relationship Hit a Wall?

Would you like to know:

  • How you each contribute to the pain in your relationship?
  • The impact of your personality differences to the marriage?
  • If your differences are deal breakers, or can be turned into strengths?
  • If you have one or more of the four most potent relationship-ending behaviors and the secret to managing them?
  • If you have good conflict or bad conflict?
  • If the two of you play out the #1 relational dynamic that ends relationship?
  • How your, or your partner’s childhood patterns are showing up in your relationship?
  • The three levels of relating and which each of you are in?
  • If what you are going through is “normal” or predicts the end?
  • If your relationship is worth the effort of saving?
Healthy Divorce

Your Relationship Assessment

In this single 90-minute session, I can tell you where your relationship is stuck.  I can also tell you approximately how long it could take and what it will require of each of you to turn things around. You can then decide if you want to. This information is invaluable if you want to stay together and even more valuable if you’re not sure.

Many times the wall we hit is a life challenge we would hit whether we were in a relationship or not. Relationships just make them show up faster and with greater impact. If you don’t face the challenge in this relationship it will show up in another. Those growth challenges don’t just go away. Ever. They wait patiently for another opportunity. It could be that working through them right where you are in your current relationship is your best option. A Relationship Assessment will help you know.

You are not bad, wrong, or a failure because there is conflict in your relationship.

Even the best relationships are fraught with conflict. It’s how they grow. It’s just that some couples manage it better. You can too. Come with a curious heart and let’s see what’s going on.

Your next step:

If you would like to know the nature of the wall you’ve hit, the root of painful dynamics between you, and what it might take fix things so you can decide if you want to, contact me to schedule your 90-minute Relationship Assessment.

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