Are you ready to enter back into a relationship with your ex? Looking for relationship advice? Does he deserve another shot?

“I’m thinking of getting back together with my Ex. What do you think?”

Should I Get Back Together With My Ex

I’m surprised at how often I am asked that, actually. I’m doubly surprised when I hear it after watching people go through tremendous pain at the hand of that Ex (or so their perception is) in divorce class. I’m shocked that the desire to reconcile can rivet back into place with such amazing speed. All it seems to take is a whim of interest on the Ex’s part. This seems to be true for Dumper and Dumpee alike.

So how do you know if reconciling is the right thing to do? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What really is at stake?
  • How practical is it, really?
  • How do you know the Ex means it when he says he want to come back? Or what he means by, “I want to come back.”
  • How do you know when you’re just making it up because you want it so badly?
  • How can you know that you won’t just be going back to the same madness you left?
  • If you do decide to work at reconciling, what will you need in order to have the greatest chance for success?

These are all important questions. I encourage you to take some time answering them.