14 Nov

3 Phases of Upheaval

 The 3 Phases of an Upheaval Everything in life has some version of beginning, middle, and end. Upheavals do too. Understanding the 3 phases of an upheaval is helpful so
04 Sep

Play Therapy Helps Kids Cope

One announcement. Beyond Divorce - Recovery class starts September 13 and 16. See "Services" on www.BeyondDivorce.com for all the info! You're in for a treat with this newsletter. Earlier this summer I met Sanam Pejuhesh is a play therapist, and a darn good one. I was so fascinated talking...
02 May

The Spirit of Letting Go

I've had a number of conversations recently with people who are aware that life as we have known it is changing. Our long-standing institutions like banking, finance, energy acquisition, government programs, disease care, and others who are unwilling or unable to bend with the winds of change are...